After you connect with a prospect, and showcase the products and services you have to offer, what does the next step in the client-relationship look like?

In this module, you will explore Business App; the customizable, branded app where your clients have access to the platform. This is their dashboard to communicate with you, explore products and services, get a glimpse into your performance as their expert – and most importantly – see how they are performing online. Inside Business App, your clients can see where they are winning, how you are helping, and where you can improve; together.

Learning Goals:

→ Explore Business App and learn how to enable your clients to navigate the dashboard
→ Learn how to customize the app from inside Partner Center
→ Understand how your clients will connect accounts, activate features, and interact with your Store inside the app
→ Leave with talk tracks and a guide to set up your app using a product-led approach along the customer journey