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Social Marketing Social Media Marketing: Practice what you preach!

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We all know how important it is to post on social channels for your business. Consistent posting on multiple channels not only supplies customers with valuable information, it lets people know the business is active online and helps that business show up higher in search results. So we need recent and frequent posts...but what do we post about?

Here’s where we run into the 30/30/30 rule mentioned in our blog “What to Write on Social Media”. 30% industry content, 30% business content, and 30% community content. Depending on the business in question, these percentages may fluctuate and that’s okay! There are lots of variables at play, including audience, time of year, location, business vertical, and more. It may take some trial and error, which is where analytics will come into play. (More on that later.)

Let’s discuss topics. What do we mean by industry content? This is generic content that is relevant to anyone in a specific business vertical. For example, a real estate agent could post about: what to look for when shopping for a new home, top 10 tasks to complete before moving day, and home renovation tips. You can find useful articles to link to on reputable magazine sites, news sites, and blogs. You can use the images from the articles you link to, or utilize stock photo sites like

Business content is a great way to let customers know exactly what the business can do for them. Use these posts to list services, products, prices, contact information, employee features, and promotions. It is best to use photos from the business if possible. Show people what the business location looks like or images of product displays. If it is a service area business, take photos of fleet vehicles or workers on site.

Lastly, community content links the business to their local area. This can help improve customer loyalty and encourage new customers through shared posts. Does the business sponsor a local hockey team? Have they donated time or money to a local organization? You can also post about events happening in the community that your followers may also be interested in. This gives a bit of a break from promotional content. If the business does attend a local event, try to snap a photo to share on social media later.

Business owners can schedule their posts using a tool like Social Marketing. Once you have a regular cadence of posts, it’s important to keep an eye on the business’s social analytics. Watch for reach and engagement and take note of any topics that tend to do better than others. This may change depending on the social channel, so a post that does well on Facebook may not do as well on Instagram. Social Marketing has an insights section where you can view how posts are doing across all of your channels, allowing you to easily plan for future content.

I tend to see agency owners focusing on their customer’s content, but neglecting their own social channels. Be sure you’re following your own advice! Post regularly and consistently. Mix up your content so you don’t have 5 business posts in a row. Think about the posts that you like to read on social media and how you can emulate their format. Many business posts establish a common pain point, a solution, and a call to action. For example: “Never claimed a Google My Business Listing? Not even sure where to start? We are proud to offer Google My Business Verification. Let us claim, optimize, and update your listing as needed, so your customers can find and contact your business with ease. Call today to learn more: 555-555-5555.”

How’s your agency’s social posting strategy? Let us know how we can help!