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Breaking up with a Prospect & Cold Outreach Cadence

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Something I think we have all done especially when it comes to cold outreach is overworking a lead. What I mean by that is, wasting time on a lead that's going nowhere. Something you need to keep in mind is, not only do you need to value your own time, but when you're wasting time calling that lead that you have emailed six times and called 10 times, that's lost time that you could’ve spent working a lead that could convert.

Now of course sale cycles can take a long time, anywhere from days, to weeks, to months, and in some cases years. That's just the reality of sales, another thing to keep in mind is just because a lead goes cold now doesn't mean it can't spark back up. I remember one time I had a lead that was at the bottom of my pipeline, he called me nearly a year after we spoke and was now ready to do business. That year before though, he had ghosted me and prior to that we were having great conversations, and then poof he was gone.

Now I'm sure that has happened to all of us. However, there comes a point in that sales cycle where now we need to break up with that prospect because they have shown they’re either not serious or not interested by their lack of response. Here is the cadence I use to take with my cold outreach :

Day 1: Call or Leave a voicemail


Day 4: Call or Leave a Voicemail


Day 7: Call or Leave a voicemail


Day 10: Call or Text, Leave a voicemail

Day 11: Call, Don't leave a voicemail

Send the break-up email.

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Solid points here sir! Hope all is well!