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No Time Wasted: 20 Elite Sales Books to ReadThe Future of Sales Innovation

George Leith | Chief of Revenue | Vendasta

If you’re looking to add valuable sales books to your shelf, this is the only list you need. I’m more of a ‘living out of my suitcase and on the run’ kind of guy, so it pays to mention that 90% of these picks are available as audiobooks.

The Future of Sales Innovation

Brock Andony | Content Marketing Strategist | Vendasta

Are salespeople going the way of the dinosaurs? With rampant technological innovation, the future of sales is becoming a topic of much debate.

Digital Sales Automation: 5 Key Components of Automating Your Sales Process with Vendasta

Zachary Yuzdepski | Product Marketing Manager | Vendasta

The five key components to growing your bottom line, saving time and making your organization more effective with digital sales automation.

How to Add Digital to Your Traditional Media Sales

Patrick Liddy | Enterprise Sales ABM Specialist | Vendasta

Adding digital solutions to your traditional media revenue has never been more essential for survival than it is right now. Let’s look at why traditional media companies should add digital to their marketing mix, what to sell, and how to do it.

7 Ways to Write Sales Emails that Actually Get Replies! [Templates]

Taylor Galipeau | Manager of Sales and Marketing Operations | Vendasta

How long do you spend crafting the perfect sales email template, only to get silence in response? Yet the sales team lives in their inbox, getting replies left and right and building relationships. So, get replies by mimicking them! Here’s how our sales team at Vendasta does it.

Sales and Marketing Alignment: It’s Time for a Change

Maddi Sutor | Content Marketer | Vendasta

Boost your conversion rates and improve communication by utilizing these practices for better sales and marketing alignment.