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Marketing Services Premium Ad Managers - Future option?

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I'm wondering if the Marketing Services could grow to have a standard and a premium wholesale price point... for "standard or competitive/complex" campaigns....

The new option would have senior people on the account (possibly also more time on the account) so you can get the hands-off results you need from more complex campaigns

Supporting Thoughts:

You've got FB ads people out there, barely out of amateur stage, charging clients $2500 usd per month to manage $1000 USD in ad spend... that's a 5:2 ratio... It won't be a problem to get a 1:1 maybe even 2:1 ratio for Google ads in niches that are tough to crack

Depending on the difficulty to crack the winning combo (KWs, negatives, ad copy, offer, promo, LP design and copy), I'd pay up to $300 - $700 CAD to have HIGH-QUALITY work done to manage $500 of Google search ads spend (I'd charge my client 425 to 1000 plus ad spend)... charging client 1:1 ratio for something complex like search ads for commercial avatars seems totally reasonable.

But I am talking NO babysitting, these people would be true PROFESSIONALS at their job, meaning, there is no chance that I, with my limited experience, am going to be able to tell that person anything... I want to hire people BETTER than me... not worse than me but with more time... I want to know that if it could work, that the person managing these ads is highly likely to make it work...

If that level of ad manager would cost even more... ok... how much?


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Adam Joshua Evans
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It definitely seems like we're paying enough already for Marketing Services that we should already be getting that level of service.
When I signed up for the growth tier, my understanding was that all of the people doing marketing services were highly experienced professionals. Instead, we're getting a lot of generic, template-based ads without a great deal of customization, targeting, etc. We can't even create our own graphics to provide, as I understand it, without paying $2,000 for a custom campaign.

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@Adam Joshua Evans I had the marketing services team do my social. Needless to say, I’m going to be deleting every one of their posts. It’s embarrassing to call myself a digital agency and have them posting stock photos with 30 hashtags on my behalf.

I did show them some pretty nice slideshows on our intro call when they asked what I wanted, and I specifically said no stock photos, but they posted stock photos anyways.

If I had sold that to a client I would have been in HOT water.

Micheline Gaudet
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Good morning @jakebolling ! My name is Micheline, and I am the Product Marketing Manager for our Marketing Services division at Vendasta. I wanted to reach out and offer you a heartfelt apology that your experience didn't meet your expectations and the service level that we are proud to offer. I'd love to chat with you to understand how we can make it better, for you and for our service offering moving forward. 

I'll be in touch via email shortly, along with our Social Marketing Senior Manager and Fulfillment Manager. Talk soon! 

Sean Walker
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I am new to the platform and am learning from this convo. I hope to hear of some improvements somewhere soon.

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Trying to find some peoples experience with ad products. Have a couple of clients who want ads, but each offering in the marketplace has its flaws, and I want to deliver something good without having to do it myself