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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Onboarding

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We are SO excited to teach you everything you need to learn during your onboarding sessions. Here are 5 tips to get the most out of our time together:

1) Bring your own account into Partner Center. Most of us learn by doing. By creating an account in Partner Center for your own agency, you can go through the steps of account creation, user access, product activation, and more! What’s even better is once set up, your agency will benefit from Vendasta’s products and you’ll have a handy demo account to show to prospects.

2) Take advantage of the Conquer Local Academy. Our experts have assembled a selection of courses on the platform, products, and strategy to help you and your team learn. These courses are interactive and have quizzes to test your knowledge.

3) Don’t wait to apply your learnings. You may be hesitant to start bringing in accounts, assigning salespeople, and activating products until your onboarding sessions are complete. It’s best to get started right away so you can apply what you’ve learned while it’s still fresh, you’ll have better questions for your next session, and you’ll be more likely to start making money sooner.

4) Attend Conquer Local Community Sessions. These sessions take place every Friday at 10:30am CST. You will have the opportunity to connect with our most successful partners, learn how to overcome common obstacles, and strategize for the best year yet. You can view and sign up for upcoming sessions here.

5) Communicate openly with your Business Development Representative and your Onboarding Specialist. We are here to help! Send us questions, notify us about new prospects, let us know if you need additional training. We are here to help you succeed. You also have the benefit of 24/7 support at 1-844-955-6650 or