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Snapshot Report Key tips when sending your Snapshot Reports today!

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Have you heard of the Acquisition Widget?

This is a powerful tool that helps you generate new leads, customize them, and have them embedded into your website and get your prospects to turn to clients!

You can go to your Marketing tab in the Partner Center and get into the Acquisition Widgets section, the steps to creating one can be found here:

The key things to remember here though,

1) When a client fills the form, they get a message confirming that the agency has received all their information and they will receive a snapshot report

2) Note, the Snapshot Report is created but NOT auto-sent unless there is an email Campaign tied to the Widget (you will need to manually send the snapshot report)

3) You have the option to assign an email campaign that includes the Snapshot event, (in this case the client will receive the email with the snapshot report and all the emails that are part of the drip campaign)

4) Regardless of assigning an email campaign or not, the client account and client user is auto-created in the Partner Center




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I love that this automation 1) creates the account, 2) assigns a salesperson, 3) initiates an email campaign, 4) creates the Snapshot Report, and 5) activates free products. PLUS it sends the assigned salesperson a hot lead notification. It saves so much admin time!

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Thanks for sharing this Ben! The Acquisition Widget is an incredible tool to get your prospecting kickstarted with very little hand-holding into the first conversation.

To learn more, and a part of your learner guide, visit the course: that will guide you through each section of the Snapshot Report and how to add to the Acquisition Widget to your website! Plus you will earn yourself the Snapshot Ninja badge 🙂