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How do you monitor and report on your sales team performance?

Taylor McCallum
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At Vendasta we use Sales & Success Center as our Sales CRM and every morning in our Daily Sales Leadership Start-up we bring up the pipeline and leaderboard for each team and review:

  1. Activity compared to quota (calls, emails and meetings)
  2. Opportunities/revenue added yesterday and month to date total
  3. Opportunities/revenue closed yesterday and month to date compared to quota
  4. Opportunities/revenue expected to close this month

Dedicating 10 minutes each morning to taking a quick pulse of how our acquisition, growth and retention teams are performing helps our sales leadership set the tone for the day. As Sales Ops I find utilizing Sales Teams and our Pipeline Board/Table allows me to provide this data to our leadership group quickly and easily without spending a lot of time gathering the data before our meeting.

How is everyone else reporting on sales team performance? Do you use a certain tool? Dashboard? What cadence do you use to review metrics?