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Covid-19 Let's Work Together to Protect Local

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At Vendasta our core purpose is to drive local economies. 50% of the world’s employees work for small and medium businesses. Small businesses fuel the world’s economies, they invest in our communities, they unlock economic opportunities, create jobs and grow the middle class. They make our communities worth living in.

Covid-19 is putting a disproportionate strain on local economies. We are here to help.

How will we do this?

We will do this with tangible and actionable products and services for the local ecosystem. Look for messaging everywhere with the Hashtag #ProtectLocal and please feel free to participate!

At Vendasta we provide our cloud broker partners - anyone selling SaaS solutions to local businesses - with an end to end ecommerce platform that democratizes technology for local businesses. If this sounds just a little too fluffy take a couple of minutes to watch the video to see REAL software in action.

We intend to help our cloud broker partners in these ways:

  1. Project #LearnAgency will help them learn and hone their skills.

  2. Project #PartnerRemote will provide free tools to facilitate remote work and commerce on our platform.

  3. Project #SMBToolKit will provide our cloud brokers with a set of tools that they can provide free of charge to their local business customers so they can conduct business online.

  4. Project #TeachDigital will help our cloud brokers allow their business customers to learn and teach their employees digital skills.

  5. Project #BusinessResources will provide curated actionable free resources to help them survive and thrive.

Here are more details on how and why these initiatives will help our cloud brokers during this difficult time.

  1. Project #LearnAgency. Many people with uncertain employment futures will be at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, and will be spending time online looking for alternate career opportunities. We will provide them with an opportunity to obtain both the education and tools to provide income for their families. Existing cloud brokers may have extra cycles to learn new skills to help them expand their business.

  2. Project #Remote. Our cloud brokers will not be able to operate normally. In order to help them we are going to add remote tools to help them operate efficiently and productively. These tools will be included in their current subscriptions at no charge and will include the ability to integrate their phone systems, book and host remote meetings, screen share and communicate effectively with potential customers.

  3. Project #SMBToolKit. Many small businesses that are not online and e-commerce enabled are being disproportionately affected. The situation is dire for these small businesses. For many, the choices are to close or move online. Moving online is often viewed as expensive, time-consuming and virtually impossible. We will put our cloud brokers in a position to help these businesses get online, book appointments and transact. We are going to provide our cloud brokers, at no charge, a number of e-commerce enabled packages that will include a basic ecommerce enabled website, reputation management, customer voice, social media marketing , advertising intelligence, messaging and appointment booking. This will allow them to build trust and gain future business.

  4. Project #TeachDigital Many small businesses employees will have extra time on their hands. Businesses will receive training materials and courses from our cloud brokers, enabling them to learn digital marketing and e-commerce skills. This will help businesses do the work themselves and position our cloud brokers as the digital expert. This will translate into increased business and long term trust.

  5. Project #BusinessResources Our Cloud Brokers and their businesses customers are looking for resources they can trust to help them cope with the situation and it is overwhelming. We are going to our best to provide curated actionable free resources to help them survive and thrive.

Please join the conversation! Ask us questions, give us suggestions. Tell us what we can do to help our what you are doing to help during this time.

Stay safe and #ProtectLocal

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Amen to these excellent FIVE projects, Brendan!
I’m especially excited about #1.

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Thanks Dennis - I am excited to have you be a part of it.

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Excited for all of these!

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Sounds like an amazing plan!

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Hey Everyone, last week we had our first Conquer Local Community Interactive Webinar where Agencies around the world got together and discussed the challenges in the market and how to over come them. We will be hosting another one tomorrow from 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm US Eastern Time (GMT -5) discussing the Local Business Toolkit. Check it out and register below!

Register here:
Date: Friday, March, 27th (Tomorrow)
Time: 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm US Eastern Time (GMT -5)
Structure: Come and go. Listen while you work.

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Can we have access to the zoom call from last Friday? Thanks

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Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere - but - how do you follow these hashtags or take advantage of the resources and information for these programs.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Ken!
Yes, is the place to keep an eye on. Lot’s of great resources there and they are growing by the day! Also please message me direct If you would like me to connect you with someone who can help you in more detail. Kind regards.