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Just wanted to say thank you for the latest episode

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I was just listening to the latest episode and I wanted to say how much of a breath of fresh air it is right now to hear some stellar advice not wrapped in complete doom and gloom.

I took George’s advice and reached out to partners and clients just to share resources and let them know I’m still here to help without a caveat attached. Even though it feels like a moving target right now this feels like the right way to go. Let’s build those real relationships now by supporting those around us so we can all bounce back with the boom.

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Thank you Emily for your comments! I worked up a deck which we presented to 1500 SMB’s yesterday.
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There is an article I found about the “Bounce”. it’s Canadian! But it uses the exact language we are trying to push! Also I have been working with other sales leaders and marketers to craft the language around listings and syndication. That is caught in the deck too. I am working to get the recording of the webinar and will post here as well today. Thanks for listening and conquering.