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Content Wheel/Marketing Strategy

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This digital agency business has me rethinking my overall business strategy.

I started out looking at my content wheel as a way to market my coaching for personal development, but now I see the coaching as just one spoke from the center.

I’m not sure how this would affect my public figure page.

If I have a digital agency that markets to a lighthouse client, wouldn’t the videos that I post on my public figure page for my coaching services make things confusing?

Or, is the idea to use my public figure page to push videos across any one of my categories? If so, how would this work for two unrelated product lines? (coaching for personal development and a digital agency)


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Allison Maziarz
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Del Todd. I have a similar question. One main part (still starting) of my business will be mindset management and personal development. I see what you mean about this being a "spoke" in the wheel but not sure how to roll it all together. I believe that with that being said, my lighthouse may be health and wellness in general. Is that even a wheelhouse?