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When will the metrics tab functionality be fixed




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When I enter the Metrics tab to see how my business is performing, it seems the reported metrics are inaccurate. Who can help me solve this? Kind of flying a plane with no instruments without these being correct. 

Screenshot 2023 01 28 at 6.19.43 PM


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Hi George,

I can look into this point of frustration for you. However, if you email, they'll be able to expedite your query. In the platform you'll see on the bottom left corner of the screen you have a direct line to your account manager. When you click on "Talk to Vendasta Expert" you'll be able to connect with your account manager. Account Managers work hard to meet the technological needs of your business. If you click on "Inbox Messages" you'll be able to engage Support directly. This feature is in beta mode, therefore you may submit your request, and we’ll connect with you via email. 

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Yes, agree, we can't have bad data it's worst than haven't no data at all.