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Domain-wide SSO Using Vendasta as an Identity Provider




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I'm a developer and I was wondering if Vendasta supports SSO that covers entire domains as opposed to specific urls. Having read the docs, I learned that to allow integration for a specif page on my portal, I just need to create a product for it and apply this tutorial "" to allow users to enter the page with their Vendasta accounts, but what about a domain-wide SSO? Is it possible?

Thank you.

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Hi, the SSO we offer currently grants your Users access to Business App from where they are then able to access their products active products. When they access the products they will show their respective designated URL's  for each product with the only option being available for you to to customize our 5 areas which can be white labeled. These area are Social Marketing, Reputation Management, Listing Builder, Sales and Success Center and Business App.

I apologize that we do not currently have an option to white label all domains at this moment.