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Business App [Solved] Inbox Messenger Troubles




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We like the inbox messenger; it's a great feature and will be very powerful as we move forward. However, as of right now, there are a few things that need to be adjusted.

1. When you send a message to the client, there is no "card" or who information about who it's from (the person sending the message) within the email. I found myself sending a message without signing off at the end because it feels like an sms message with the design. The email notification must have the sender's contact information within that email so the client knows who is sending it, If find myself forgetting to sign off before sending the message. 

2. When a client replies to an email from inbox messenger and does not click the reply to a message. It just goes into an email and breaks the thread in the inbox, which is the whole point if the client replies to an email or hits the reply to a mess, age it should all go into the inbox. 

That's it for now, Can't wait to see the future updates and how it integrate with Task manager and sales. 

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Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your insight into Inbox and how it can be improved. Your suggestions are very helpful and we will take them into consideration as we look to make improvements. We understand the importance of having sender information in the email notifications and making sure all replies stay within the thread.  Stay tuned for future updates.