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Marketplace [Solved] Expanding Custom App "Launch" or "Info" buttons (Vendor Centre)




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It would be great to broaden the ability to use the "Launch" and/or Info links that appear for our own custom products/services we can add to our store.

a) Right now the "Launch" button is only functional if it integrates with the API settings, but if this isn't an option, it would be ideal to also allow the ability to having that button just redirect to another URL (not an SSO scenario).

b) Alternatively and probably an easier implementation: Simply allowing the short description accept HTML so we can add a link.

The idea here is to place all apps/services in one central location (client's dashboard).

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Hi Alex,

We like your idea to 'place all apps/services in one central location'.

This is already possible!

However, it is currently under the Order Form Section. We are working on shifting it to a more obvious space, but in the meantime, you can:

1) Turn on the order form, and configure your general URL

2)Turn off the order form if you don't intend on using an order form. Your general url will remain in place.

You will see your Info button change to a Lunch button that directs to the static url that you configured.


Nolan Cline



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That is awesome! Thanks, Nolan!