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There are more than 50 templates to choose from when having a site built by Vendasta (, however there are only like 3 templates to choose from in website pro. 


Can we make those same templates ( available inside website pro?


Or is there a way to import these templates into website pro? 


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I did also place a link to a cheaper/simpler solution than WordPRess, but it got moderated.
So feel free to IM me for more info if you are interested



Vendasta uses DIVI to build their websites, although I wish they would also use Elementor because that's what our agency uses! Anyway there are so many themes for both of those page builders that I agree it would really be great to have a few more options for our clients to choose from...



Pretty sure it is not Vendasta building the sites, it is some other company who sell on the Vendasta platform.

Since they are using WordPress, they will just be using themes, of which there are thousands.

Just pick your own at

Hey Russ! Rest assured that when you are purchasing a website from our Vendasta Marketing Services team, it is not an external company! If you have more questions about this please reach out and I'll be happy to connect you with our team lead.


so is you?