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[Solved] Please give us more options and make it easier to customize URLs?




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It should be much easier to customize the various URLs our clients, prospects and team members will see and interact with. 


I'm referring to,,, etc...


Currently, if you want to customize your URLs you have to fill out a google form and wait for support to reply back in an email with the DNS records to update. (btw, still waiting 3 business days later for a reply). I think it would be more helpful if this feature was baked in to the Administration section of the Partner Center under "Customize". 


Also, the options for updating custom URLs are limited to only Reputation Management, Social Marketing, Listings Builder, Sales & Success Center, and Business Center. I would also like the ability to customize other URLS under my brand such as, Task Manager, Advertising Intelligence, Customer Voice, and the Booking URL. 


Basically, any URLs that are client facing or team member accessible should be customizable and brandable to maintain consistency the brand and help build trust. 




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Hi Bronson,

Sorry for the delay - I was on vacation. We agree, it would be nice if you could just customize those URLs on the fly. Unfortunately, the work required to make this seamless is a fairly substantial amount of work. So far we have opted to direct these resources towards areas that we feel will be more beneficial to our Partners and their clients. I also agree that more areas of the platform should be customizable - I will forward that feedback to the relevant Product Managers.

That being said, we will continually evaluate this to see if there are any wins to make it even a bit better to work with.

Thank you so much for your feedback!


Scott Bechdholt, Director of Product



Thanks so much for providing your feedback, Bronson. @sbechdolt what are your thoughts on this?