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Sales & Success Center Mass update tasks & add categories so they can be filtered




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It would be great if we could click multiple tasks and mass update them. 


As well as that, if we could add some categories such as 'phone call' & 'email' etc. that would be handy so we could easily filter out the tasks.

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Thanks for the feedback! I understand your point – as much as I like to stay up to date on my sales tasks I know there are occasions where updating tasks in bulk is easier to do.

Same deal with sales task types! When you've got a mountain of tasks, it's easier to find the task you need to when they can be categorized out by something like the task type.

One of the things I'm focusing on this quarter is how we can build the Vendasta system to be flexible to match your needs and this fits in very nicely. I'm going to take this feedback to the teams involved with this area so they can keep your message in mind as we do planning.

Feel free to message me here if you want to chat further!