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Website Pro Adding Additional website under one account




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Can we have a feature where we will be able to add multiple websites under the same account?
In general, adding 2 or more website pro products under the same account.

@dpoojari639 Yep. I have a client who has their main company website, and another that is more of an SEO/lead gen website.

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Thanks for taking the time to leave this request. Developing a multi-site feature for Website Pro is something that has been brought to our team in the past and it is in our backlog, however, nothing is planned for this year specifically. 

Is your specific use case similar to Dave's reply? I'm curious to learn more about why you'd want multiple websites for one specific account! 

@Sophie Kokott This is because some clients will have multiple websites/businesses and they would like to manage them under the same account instead of creating a new account in the partner center.

That becomes a tedious job to find and manage properly. Hence the reason.