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Business App Granular control or product promotions in Dashboard




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I know that we can customize the tabs on the left nav via permissions, however, I'd like to be able to control if and what products are promoted in the dashboard. I have a client who does not need a website right now (they have one in good shape and it's not a priority). However, in their dashboard, just below the Marketing Funnel, is a promotion for website. It's inconsistent with the strategy I have with this client and it's confusing. 

I'd like to have the capability to determine what category of products (or none at all) is promoted in each client dashboard. 

Brian McGuire

B. McGuire Designs

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Thanks for the request Brian, we've been thinking about how to allow you to configure what the recommendations banners recommend to SMB users. Here's a quick wireframe mock of a screen in Partner Center where you could create your own banners, decide what to promote to users, and where it appears. And then see engagement metrics. Would love your feedback on this concept!