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Marketplace Deeper tracking/ecommerce Integrations




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Any thoughts on deeper integration with the Marketplace and tracking Pixels?

A big part of ecomm is the ability to track customer interactions and remarket to them via FB/Google

It would be great for Facebook or Google marketing.

Something long the lines of tracking "added to cart, but did not convert" to audiences on FB/GTM. The ability to get really granular on specific products + services on the marketplace.

So far, there isn't any tracking ability on Vendasta.

Only thing I can track is a custom page>Acquisition visit complete URL>Thank you page.


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Thanks Rylan.

Any chance that we can have some sort of public roadmap where we can throw suggestions and upvote features that the community wants?

That way it's customer feedback powered



Hey Tim! Thank you for this feedback. I 100% agree - we should allow for more tracking options within the client-facing Store. I've heard this request from other Channel Partners as well.

I don't see any plans on our roadmap to develop this feature, but I've raised this again with our product teams. Related to the store, we're currently focused on improvements to our billing & ordering system, as well as larger widespread updates to our marketing automation system. 

Thanks again - keep the feedback coming!