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Feature Request: Viewing Net Profit




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Being able to view net profit in addition to net revenue would be a huge boon to analytics. Knowing our margins at a glance would be immensely helpful in forecasting finances throughout the year. If we can also sort by activated products, that will give us further insights into which have the higher margins.

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Thanks so much for this feedback, Adam! We certainly plan to surface that data for you, but I'm not entirely sure when that'll be.

Feel free to reach out to me directly at with any other feedback you might have for us about our billing and invoicing and its reporting. We're always working hard to make our product better for our partners and rely on the feedback that we get from people like yourself to do just that!

I'd also like to have a call with you to hear more about how you're working with our billing and invoicing system. If you up for it, feel free to schedule something with me at

Thanks again for the feedback. Would love to connect.

Hi Nicholas! I know it's only been 3 months since your response, however, this is one of the biggest features stopping me from moving to Vendasta payments. I wanted to know whether you have any updates on this at all or if it has been added to the roadmap!