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Merchant Services Automatically deactivate products based on contract term dates




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Hey folks! Here's a feature request from a Vendasta partner (let us know if you'd take advantage of this).

In Sales & Success Center, a salesperson can create an opportunity and specify a contract duration. When the opportunity is converted into a sales order, this information is passed-through to the order details.





Our partner is wondering: can Vendasta create a way to automatically deactivate all (or some) of the products or add-ons associated with an order on the specified contract duration end date?

Is this a feature Vendasta should explore? Let us know your thoughts!

@RylanVendasta Great Idea, I believe I talked to Katie about this in my onboarding. Upvote here.

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Would definitely be of help to those who provide services on a term basis i.e. 3-month specific ad campaign. Saves us having to remember to cancel them manually. Thanks for posting this Rylan.