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User/Account Export




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Can we have the ability to export contacts/lists/accounts? 

Unless I'm totally blind to an export feature, low-key feels like vendasta is keeping users hostage on the platform.

Did I miss how to do this?
Is the feature coming in 2022?

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Hey Tim! You can put your ransom fund away – your accounts are not being held hostage!

If those articles don't help you do what you need, please let us know! We're always looking at improvements for making data accessible!

@JonNeher Hey Jon, thanks for the response, but I'm gonna have to keep my ransom fund ready for now.

The list export feature only exports the Account data, and does not export the user data that I need. ie. Account>User details like name, position, company name, and email, etc.

If I continue to grow my user base on Vendasta, it feels more and more like I'm stuck to the platform because Vendasta is trying to be an all-in-one platform, but leaves little to no room for integration or customization (ie. Zapier, new user account exports)

Is this a feature that is being worked on by the end dev-team? And is keeping everything in-house and not rely on integrations part of Vendasta's main vision?

And I currently feel "User" is more important to me than "Account". Is this a common sentiment?

Thanks for the detail, Tim!

Vendasta wants to be the end-to-end solution for your digital marketing needs and part of that vision means not relying on cobbling together external integrations to do the things you need to do.

That being said, I know these integrations and the ability to customize your workflows are really important to get started or do your work today! Our teams are currently working to provide APIs for our platform and products at large, and right now you can utilize Automations with APIs and webhooks.

You can find more detail on our APIs here -

Re: getting Users out of Vendasta, I double-checked with our Support team and they can help you with this! You can email and they will make sure you get the data you need.

@JonNeher Appreciate it Jon! I really enjoy the platform and I know Vendasta will get there!



Jon,  Neither article links  answer the core questions as I read.

Data exporter does not allow for Users per Account to be downloaded using Lists.  It would be great to download Accounts>Users  and also Accounts>Users>Permissions>Notifications.  Additional would be great to be able to Bulk Update/Upload Users per account.  Multi-Location business have multiple levels of management from Local to Regional to National. Each with their unique needs and responsibilities.

There is also no easy way to find out which users are engaged with the platform and how often.  Example: How often has UserX logged into the dashboard?  What products are they "Using" not just "Buying"  Currently the reports are all about how many are responding to "Campaigns" and Sales Efforts.  Focus on Account Retention and Engagement is priority for us.



Your points on Users are well noted, @David Beaudin! We're looking at improving reporting capabilities so these insights are really helpful!

In the meantime, I think there is an opportunity to use Automations to help improve your knowledge of how engaged your customers are. It's going to be pretty bespoke so I'll DM you my CalendarHero link if you'd like to spend some time together to discuss!