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Website Pro Allow migrating / importing existing websites via full export (files and database)




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PLEASE support migrating/importing existing WordPress installations. The main benefit is ensuring data is not lost, relationships stay the same (e.g. media attached to posts), and that the Post IDs remain the same (support for links like /?p=1234 so they don't break).


Not all of these are not possible via All-in-One WP Migration (the only supported import option at this time to my knowledge) - and even when using WordPress' own export/import tool, if a custom post type that got exported is not yet enabled on the new site (e.g. plugin is not active that enables that post type) then that part of the export does not import.


Duplicator ( and other plugins like it are ubiquitous.

Local Flywheel ( and Installatron (available for use in cPanel - can easily import such a zip export (files and database in one) or the hosting at least allows following Duplicator's own PHP install script (WebsitePro's hosting does not support this method).

GoDaddy has their own import where you just enter the admin's username/password to bring over the existing site:


PLEASE make this your absolute next thing to work on. If you can do imports on your end, then at least make the migrations free.

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there should be no problems migrations a site using All in one wp migration.

This literally exports the entire site, everything. So somehting being enabled on the new site is not relevant, as it completely overwrites the destination site.

I would suggest checking ou WPvivid backup, this has become by default tool now due to the site to site migration, negating the need to download and re-upload. Plus there is not filesize limit like all-in-one.




Hi Clifford! While we do recommend it, you don't need to use the All-in-One plugin! There's a little more detail in our Troubleshooting page for Website Pro, but suffice to say you should be good to go with another plugin. 

I have had the Unlimited extension for a long time but have only used the plugin to move a site from live to localhost and vice-versa. In my experience, it's not a full delete and upload but instead an attempt at smart overwriting. For example, if the default site has Divi installed but my import does not, it won't remove that theme, just install my imported themes alongside it. This is fine when moving from live to localhost and back because they started as the same site (via Duplicator hard replace).

Is that an option somewhere in AIOWPM's settings that I'm unaware of?