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Improving the invoicing system




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I'm moving over from doing all my invoicing in a different platform and there's a few things that I'm finding Vendasta's invoicing system is lacking:

  • Be able to see the yearly, monthly and one-time breakdown on invoices (!!!!)
  • Be able to edit invoices after sending them. Sometimes the client catches something or wants something else added and rather than having to void and duplicate the invoice it would be nice just to be able to edit it.
  • be able to copy/paste a direct link to the invoice 
  • Partial payment for high ticket items like websites could be a nice touch. Like half up front and half on delivery. I haven't sold one of those yet but I could imagine it would be an issue for clients to pay it all up front. That's certainly not the typical way to do it in the web design world. 


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Great to hear you are looking to adopt our platform for all your invoicing. We are actively improving the user experience and really appreciate all your feedback. 

Seeing the frequencies for each item on the invoice is interesting. Would you be free to dive more into this topic sometime this week?