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Social Marketing [Solved] Social account reconnection notification




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Hello Vendasta Product Team,


It would be super helpful to receive automated email alerts notifying users when their social account (namely LinkedIn) connections are due to expire in Social Marketing.

Screenshot 2022 01 18 175717

Best regards,


3 Answers


Hello James,

Thank you for the feedback. We would explore this feature request and would work with product team. Once we have this on roadmap would share more details. Best Regards Aparna

@Aparna Amrit Thank you, Aparna!

@Aparna Amrit Yes! I've been meaning to ask for this too. Also, why does the LinkedIn connection expire anyway? I haven't had that happen with other SMM software.

HI James, LinkedIn connection expires every 90 days due to security reason. This was limitation before but now there is something called refresh token. Our product team will need to deep dive to bring this change from LinkedIn. Thanks






I would Upvote this question 50 times if I could. Currently, my customers often know that their LinkedIn connection is severed before I do, and I get those annoying texts, emails, and calls from them freaking out and asking what they have to do. If I knew ahead of time (even a couple of days) when their connection was due to expire, and then I could go in and reconnect it before it expires, that would be awesome.