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Marketing Services What value from Vendasta's store would you had?

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Hey everyone,

I've helped multiple niches in the past year and I feel like I've found the one I'd like to help the most.

I had great results with waterproofing contractors and after reading 100M Offers by Alex Hormozi, it gave me the idea to change my business model.

In the book (which I highly recommend to anyone reading this) he talks about a Grand Slam Offer which is basically an offer where you promise to solve every problem of a specific niche. This gives a lot of perceived value hence you can charge a lot of money.

Good thing I am a Vendasta partner and I have access to hundreds of solutions to solve my client's many problems.

What I have so far is:

-Google ads sales funnel

-Website building

-Social Media Page creation

-Social media posting

-Social media page management

-Reputation management

-Customer Reviews generation

-Listing generation and maintenance


-Snapshot Report

If you have experience working with contractors of any type, what other solutions have you provided?

Thank you very much