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Business App User Permissions Templates and Configuration

Landon McTavish
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It would be incredibly helpful if we could set up a general user permissions and notifications template that could be configured by partner and market. It's time consuming to do bulk updates and we are limited in what we can bulk update for notifications settings. 

Often times User adjustments for permissions and notifications get missed on new accounts so we continuously run into the same issue over and over and over again. 

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Thanks for the suggestion Landon! We have heard this from many of our partners and it’s a priority to provide exactly what you mention here - a way for a partner to decide, via template, what the default notifications and permissions each new user gets. Stay tuned for updates on this as it’s developed this quarter. 

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I'd second this. While the bulk update feature is handy for all client accounts currently in our database, to me, it would make sense that if I turn a tab or other feature off for all the clients in my current list, I'd probably also like to make sure that it's automatically off for all incoming clients until such time as I choose to turn it back on for everyone on my list. We add several clients to our account every day, so remembering to go in and do a bulk update every day isn't really feasible for us. If we could set these accesses and permissions at the partner level for all accounts we have (present and future), that would be ideal!