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The Art of Active Listening

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Are you a good listener?

Truthfully, how well do you actively listen to your friends, family, or a prospect who just called your sales line? Do you genuinely understand the message of your prospect who is looking for your platform or service?

Something that our Conquer Local Community Guru Andrew Carson and I challenge each other on quite regularly, is actively listening to our customers. How often do you just pause for 3-5 seconds, and let your customer genuinely convey their pain point?

"Developing this soft skill will help you build and maintain relationships, solve the problems of your customer, improve processes and retain information such as instructions, procedures, and expectations." ( 2021)

Why is this soft skill important to your sales team and your bottom line?

When was the last time you repeated your customer’s last sentence, back to them?

Active Listening helps you identify and solve the problem the prospect is facing. If you're listening from the start, you can better vet if this prospect is a fit for your organization. If they are a fit, by actively listening you can gain the trust of the customer faster, and help close more businesses faster.

We buy from people we trust right? By doing something as simple as listening, it can really set you apart from the competition.

Let me know your thoughts on this! Please share your ideas or practices you currently have at your organization, that lead with the premise of active listening.

Happy Selling!