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Task Manager New daily report overview page in Partner Center

Adam Tomporowski
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Now Partner Center users can get a more in-depth breakdown of their daily task report, helping them better manage their fulfillment teams. The overview page will now report on completed tasks, tasks due today, overdue tasks, upcoming tasks, and the number of tasks due this week.

This view can also be filtered by task assignee, allowing managers to see the fulfillment work being completed by each individual team member. This overview not only allows for a deeper insight into the work that’s being done but can be an essential tool for anybody managing a remote team.

Daily Task Overview page
Daily Task Overview page1212×658 34.5 KB

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@ the overdue tasks - Who’s that person’s supervisor!? lol

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Man, that initial screenshot with the 8000+ overdue tasks could’ve come from my own personal Task Manager dashboard… haha! I need to hire an assistant