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Marketplace Package Constructor is awesome! ...but outdated 🙁

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Does Vendasta have an updated package constructor that has not been uploaded to the resource center yet?


I am referring to this amazing spreadsheet here  


I noticed this package constructor was last updated in March 2020. Since then, there have been new products added, some product pricing changes, and even the Vendasta subscription levels are outdated.


Is there a a more recent version available with new new products or pricing changes that may have occurred since then?


Also, is this package constructor available with wholesale and retail pricing in Canadian Dollars? 


I put in a support ticket but they just searched the online documentation which I had already done. 


Can we get whoever built the package constructor to update and possibly keep it updated? It's a super helpful tool in designing packages before you actually add them to your store. 



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Hey Bronson - thanks for bringing this to our attention! Glad you think it's an awesome tool (I do too!)

To be honest, updating it is something that's just slipped my mind! I'll work with my team to get it prioritized. ?