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Business App Newbie Question

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I'm in Sales for a Vendasta Partner and pretty new in selling the product.  I'm hoping to become more familiar with what differentiates the platform from others in the industry.

Can anyone provide me with a list of differences between Vendasta and Sprout (Sprout Social)?

What makes the platform worth its suggested monthly retail fee?    

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Tyler Knudsen
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Hi! It was nice chatting with you this morning!  I hope you enjoy the courses and furthering your knowledge with Vendasta and our Conquer Local Academy! 



Dwayne Larson
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I would say the main difference between Vendasta and Sprout Social is there is a much larger array of products and services that can be offered through Vendasta. If you have some time we can schedule a call to discuss, and I can give you a walkthrough of the platform.