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Marketplace NEW FEATURE:Your customers can now purchase without signing into BusApp

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What is it?

The Buy it Now link allows your customer(s)/prospect(s) to be able to view and purchase the package without having to sign in to Business App. If they have never signed in to Business App before, they will be prompted to set their password after completing their purchase.

What Changed?

Earlier, Customers following Direct Link to package required to sign in to Business App before they can view or purchase the package.

Why we invested in this feature?

1. Reduce a drop point in your customer journey of your prospect becoming a customer
2. Offer an easier buying experience for existing customers.

How it works?

To create a link, go to Partner Center > Marketplace > Packages, and click the  (Options) menu on any published package with the Add to Shopping Cart option enabled. Select Create Buy it Now link, and choose the Account and User that you would like to send the link to. Copy the link that you’ve created, and send it to the user you’ve chosen via an email, text, or chat message. 

More details with screenshots available here.