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Marketplace NEW RELEASE: Chatbots and automation tools for your customers!

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Introducing Omnichannel Customer Engagement Solution by Comm100

While some companies may claim to be 'multi channel', Comm100 is a true omnichannel digital customer engagement provider. In addition to having one of the most robust Live Chat products on the market, we know customers are reaching out on other channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and more. That's why Comm100 unifies all digital channels into one agent console, so agents can easily communicate with customers on the channel they want – Live Chat (including audio and video capabilities) for desktop and mobile app, Email, SMS, Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Line, Telegram and more. Add a 24/7 AI bot to the mix, and you can communicate with your customers any time they want, too.

Comm100’s standard chatbot uses a simple keyword engine to determine what visitors are asking for, and then reply with the answers they seek. Upgrade to the AI Chatbot that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) for even better contextual understanding and broader conversational scope.

Automate the easy stuff with Comm100’s Task Bot – like FAQs, booking meetings, and capturing contact information – so your agents and your customers can get on to more important things. Comm100 Task Bots are simple to build and deploy, and come with pre-designed templates to make easy work of the most common workflows.

Comm100 is an award-winning global provider of omnichannel customer engagement solutions powered by automation, AI, and a friendly interface that’s fast and easy for both visitors and agents to use. Organizations like UBC, Stanford University, and Canadian Blood Services use Comm100 to deliver meaningful real-time conversations. 

Visit the Omnichannel Customer Engagement Solution by Comm100 product page here