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New Academy Course! "Build a Better Advertising Solution with LocalAds"

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We have a new course for you, Conquerors: Build a Better Advertising Solution with LocalAds


Here's a short description of the course:

"The digital advertising space is complicated, and growing more complicated by the day! LocalAds is a digital advertising solution created to simplify the digital advertising space. 

In this course, you’ll join Chris Stec with LocalAds to learn all about objective-driven digital advertising, and how better audience targeting leads to more effective digital marketing."


So, what's in it for you? What specific information is in this new course? Build a Better Advertising Solution with LocalAds has these 3 key learning components:  

→  Understand the value of objective-driven advertising in the digital advertising landscape
→  Explore each individual campaign & their associated products.
→  Learn how to review campaign performance like a pro and master the path to upsell


? Click here to take the course: Build a Better Advertising Solution with LocalAds

Complete the course to earn the badge you can then showcase on your LinkedIn. Alongside the accolades, we truly believe this knowledge is necessary as we move into 2022. 





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Curt Zeberlein
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Nice and thorough lesson on this product.  Thanks for putting this together. 

Timely too!!!


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@Curt Zeberlein So glad you like it & found it valuable! That badge looks great ?