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Task Manager New Features September - Order ID, Waiting on customer, Task History in Sidebar

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Good afternoon, 

I wanted to put an update here today to let you all know about some new features added to Task Manager today. 

  • As a request from our Channel Partners and Fulfillment teams we have added in the Order ID to tasks and projects, now making it now easier to search for your work, tied to a specific order. 
  • Task history and comments can now be found in the right-hand side panel when clicking on a task to expand. This should be very helpful for members of a team, looking to gain addition insights or context into the work that has recently been completed. 
  • To ensure projects are fulfilled on time and nothing gets lost in the shuffle, we have added "Waiting on customer" as a status field and now, when one task of a project is set to this attribute, the project will changed accordingly. 

To show this all in action, Jonah, a developer here at Vendasta, put together a video showing you the features and its uses. 

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to me anytime. 

Roy Reif