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Need assistance

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I have a client that is having epic issues and I been struggling for almost months and I am at the point where I have no idea what to do or what is going on. Bluehost was charging 600 a month for google ads and SEO. They were doing SEO on a broken, critical error wordpress site and all his sales and traffic stopped. He got no where with the company and he dropped them. He reached out to me after dropping bluehost. For the last three months I have struggling to figure out what is going on because it seems all my efforts are doing nothing and making things worse. Every single one of his keyword dropped off the charts to where his SEO score is 0 and he lost everything single keyword.

I tried hikeseo and that product flat out sucks and the company themselves aint too far off. Tried marketgoo, aint showing any results. Everything in yoast is squared up. I manually requested all pages be indexed to google and I submitted the map. Different things all say SEO is fine and the only items to do are small tweaks. Every day I look up the website in spyfu and his rankings keep dropping and dropping and dropping.

He went from 5 pages before to now 17 pages. He has more pages, more content. More keywords.

The problem is two fold, he was recommended to me from another client. He has not got any business in 4 months. He started this business 23 years ago. After 3 solid months I have to be honest with am tell I have no idea what is going on here but I think I may have to refer to someone else.



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Hi Chris, I have been working towards getting you technical resources on this matter. I'll schedule a call with you as soon I have all the resources put together to help you with SEO. 

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@Hashim I don't know what to tell the customer.