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Task Manager Menu glitch makes it unusable on mobile

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It would be really great to be able to know what tasks are due from my phone but unfortunately a glitch with the menu seems like it's impossible to toggle it on or off, thus hiding all of the tasks!

I signed up for Growth and after 3 months of using the platform I consistently feel like I'm a beta tester on a legacy web product without a UX or UI designer on the team. It's just really disappointing how many glitches I find, and how slowly (if at all) they get fixed. Come on guys you can do better!

Screenshot 20210727 003635


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Hi Douglas, 

Knowing which tasks are due and upcoming from your phone or web browser is definitely important. We're sorry to hear about this experience but also very glad you brought it to our attention. We'll look into making a solution to this right away. 

If you have time to discuss, I would love to hop on a call and better understand any and all "glitches" you're experiencing with the platform. 

We strive for a top-notch experience, and it's through feedback like this, we can continue on the journey of making Task Manager a more seamless and fulfilling experience for all of our partners.

Thank you,

Roy Reif 
Product Marketing Manager
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Also looks like when clicking on a specific task on mobile, it's not mobile responsive.