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Business App Make Business App!

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If you have someone using Business App and you are looking for ways to provide more value, one of the most valuable things you can do is get them to connect accounts!

By connecting accounts in Business App, they get quick insights to see what their incoming digital marketing numbers look like, and it will give you more ammo to show how they can improve and are improving based on their relationship with you!

One great example: a Partner I was working with noticed that a customer of his connecting their Google Adwords account. When we looked at their campaigns we saw they were independently spending thousands of dollars on ads and not getting many leads from it. What a great opportunity to show how that same amount of money could be used more effectively!

Having trouble connecting accounts like Facebook? Watch this quick video I made for an explainer on common connections issues!

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Love this, this is such an easy step to immediately start seeing value in the platform. It also streamlines the customer experience later on when they activate products like Social Marketing and Reputation Management. They can start posting to their social channels and responding to reviews with ease.