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"If your meeting isn't logged in Sales Center, It never happened"

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Hi Newdastians!

You've just got off the phone, or just received a confirmation email from a prospect for a meeting slated for later this week, do you document this interaction somewhere?

That meeting goes ahead as planned, you have the call recording, you have the updated contract, are the details of that meeting and or contract logged in the sales center?

Something we practice daily across all staff at Vendasta is logging every interaction we ever have, with every prospect/customer. That is, every email communication, every phone call, every virtual/in-person meeting, and every inbound phone call is logged, that day, in the Sales Center.

Is this something you practice at your agency, or with your CRM?

If not, why not?

Something our Director of Sales, Todd Roberts, taught me from the early days of my sales career is "if it (meeting) is not in the Sales Center, it never happened". Today, this is something I coach our newest partners on, and it's a habit I hope to instill with every new partner.

This method will set you apart from the competition for three reasons. 1) By logging every interaction, you will always have a reference point for your next call with your prospect. 2) If you were passing this prospect to an account manager, or another sales rep, they can be kept abreast with every interaction you've ever had with the customer. 3) You'll always set yourself apart from the competition, by always being prepared, for every call with every customer because the CRM allows you to house the "life story" of that customer, in the CRM. No repeat questions necessary!

Let me know how you log your sales records internally, and please leave a comment below.

Happy Selling!