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Reputation Management How to handle Facebook Reviews that are being spammed

Lisa Noble
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Hi all,

I have received two reviews that are talking about crypto products and trading which have nothing to do with my business. I sell marketing and branding services.  The person has listed what I would assume is their contact information on the review.  I was wondering how other business owners are handling this type of problem.  Is it happening to them?  There is not a way to delete the review. If I don't answer it I assume that looks bad on my part.

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Hi Lisa,

We're seeing this more and more with fake spam accounts leaving reviews like this on unrelated businesses. You can report the fake reviews in the Reviews tab ("Report Post") but unfortunately Facebook isn't super responsive when it comes to reviews. It may not get removed or may take a long time. Another course of action is to report the user acct that left the fake review. If they get removed from Facebook for being a false acct the posts / reviews associated are also often deleted. Wish I had better direction for you! Perhaps someone else here as had better experience and can chime in with some advice.


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Lisa Noble
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@jhawkinson2 Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate it. I will try the report user acct method and see if it works.