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Social Marketing How on earth do you connect social accounts? Here's how!

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One of the things that I love about our products is that everything is connected in one place. Responding to reviews, syncing the correct business information, and posting to social channels has never been easier. Connecting accounts can be easy, but sometimes it just isn't clear how to get it to work. Here are some tips I've learned!

First of all, check out our resource article on connecting accounts. You will need to have admin access to Facebook business pages, login credentials for LinkedIn/Google My Business/Twitter, and Instagram pages will need to be connected to a Facebook business page.

Next, you can connect accounts in Business App by going to Settings > Connections. You can also do this in Reputation Management and Social Marketing by clicking to the product dashboard, then selecting Settings > Connect Accounts. In Listing Builder, click on Listing Sync, then "Connect". You will then be invited to either add the credentials required, or in the case of Facebook and Instagram, you will see a list of the accounts you have access to.

The very first time you do this for a Facebook account, you will be invited to give access to an app called "Social Reputation". This app is what connects the business pages you have access to, to our software. When asked to give permission to this app, please grant FULL permission. This is important! You can always revoke access later if you want to.

So what happens if you DON'T see the list of accounts you have access to? Or, there are several businesses missing from this list? Let's troubleshoot.

1) Make sure you have "admin" access, not "editor". You can do this by going to the Facebook business page, clicking on the page settings, selecting "Page Roles", and viewing your level of access.

2) Make sure you're logged into the correct Facebook account that has access to these pages.

3) Double check your Social Reputation app access. You can do this by logging into Facebook, going to Settings& Privacy > Settings > Business Integrations > then click "View and Edit" on Social Reputation. You will need to check off all access permissions here.

And you're all set! Have you had any trouble connecting accounts? If you're still having trouble, let us know or contact support at ?

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This is a good refresher for me!! thank you, Katie!