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Essentials Tips for Importing Vendasta Lists!

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Do you:

  • have a whole bunch of clients you are already offering services to?
  • have numerous prospects you want to start a marketing campaign for?
  • need to consolidate accounts from various software into one location?

What you need to do is import a list!

Vendasta utilizes CSV files to help you bring in the essential information that will get accounts created in Vendasta right away. On the Lists page in Partner Center, there is a template CSV that shows you the over 100 fields you can update and some basic guidelines for how to format the data.

This raises a good question – do you need to fill out all of these fields?

Heck no! While inputting as much information as possible is good, actually getting a list imported into Vendasta is better!

To help you get a list into Vendasta, our Onboarding team has put together a CSV of the fields we suggest you fill in when you import accounts! These are some of the most common fields for every business and the most useful fields for interacting with accounts in Vendasta.

If you don’t know all of these suggested fields you have a few options:

  1. Leave a few blank fields. Our system will automatically try to fill in this information and is usually successful if it has enough correct information!
  2. Do some research. Sometimes a little elbow grease is all we need to find some pivotal missing information.
  3. Reconsider if this account is ready to be imported. If you don’t have all this information and you can’t figure it out with some research, it might be a sign that they aren’t a good fit for you right now. No worries – there are other ways of getting clients!

You’ll find the suggested fields template available to copy or download from this Google Sheet! Have questions? Feel free to ask and start a discussion below!