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Automations Customize hot lead notifications like never before with automations

Adam Tomporowski
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We all know that hot leads are a great way to make sure you're reaching out to your prospects when they're highly engaged. But with so many ways to interact with your products and services, how can you know exactly what they were doing and how you should engage with them?

With Vendasta's automations, you can now customize your own hot lead notifications so you can be alerted to exactly what that prospect was doing when this was triggered. Not only can you now create dynamic hot leads based on exactly what the prospect was doing, but you'll also have a better context that allows you to engage with them more organically.

So how do you set up these automated hot leads? Check out the video below as Dom, Product Manager of Sales & Success Center, walks you through the process!

Partner Center — Watch Video

If you have any questions about setting up your own hot leads, don't hesitate to let us know!