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Snapshot Report Charging for the report

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How do you set up the Snapshot Report in your store and charge for it?  I thought I had set up Snapshot Report and Consultation with a dollar amount and published it, and a client has put it in his basket to purchase. But I'm not able to activate it so that his credit card gets charged for that.

Was wondering how other partners are able to charge for this.

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Derek Fox
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You can create a vendor product and then add it to the storefront. 

Once that's complete, you can create an email campaign to create the snapshot report, email it to them, and even send follow-up emails, tasks, etc.

Finally, you would go to automation to fire off automation when the snapshot report is purchased.


I hope this helps.

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@Derek Fox Thanks for your reply. I already created it in the vendor product and added to the storefront.  The client added it in his cart. But now I need to activate that purchase so his credit card will be charged. My problem is when I click on it to activate nothing happens. My assumption was once it's activated, he'd be billed and I can just go ahead and create a Snapshot Report for him.

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Hi David! There's a couple of different ways you can accept payments from your customers. If you wish to go through the shopping cart method, please take a moment to review the following articles:

Note: you'll need to set up Vendasta Payments first.

The trick here is that the vendor product you've created for Snapshot Report doesn't do anything if you simply just "activate" it for the user. You need your client to go through the purchasing process instead.

Once they've completed the purchase, you can run the Snapshot Report and send it their way!

If you have any other questions, feel free to drop us a line at