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CalendarHero Calendly vs. CalendarHero: Which scheduler is better?

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Meeting and appointment scheduling is a hassle for everyone, including your customers. Skip phone tag and tedious back-and-forth emails with an online scheduling solution. 

Businesses can offer their prospects and customers a professional self-booking experience with online scheduling. Share your real-time availability with a scheduling link in an email. Enable customers to book appointments on the spot by embedding a scheduler on your website. Focus on running your business and working with clients instead of the “when are you free?” dance. 

So, how does CalendarHero compare to Calendly, and what are the differences?


Screen Shot 2022 04 14 at 5.19.38 PM


Here are what some of our users are saying: 


"I made the switch from Calendly to CalendarHero and I am unlikely to go back. CalendarHero integrates very well with products I use on a daily basis. The platform is lovely and my clients love it. I'm always receiving compliments on how seamless it is to book my time. This application is a game changer.”

Rachel Sachs | Lawyer, Sachs Law Professional Corporation


“The software has been flawless and new features are constantly being added to give me the tools that simplify my life. I would definitely recommend CalendarHero over other tools. With my busy schedule, CalendarHero is the perfect solution to help me and the team I work with.”

Garron Helman | CEO, Venbridge


You can view a side-by-side comparison here

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