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Automations New triggers and actions for your workflows!

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We're excited to release new triggers and actions for the Automations feature in Partner Center, so you can automate your repetitive workflows using a simple interface.

In addition to our existing triggers, you can now start an automation workflow when the following events happen:

  • An account is created
  • A customer makes a payment
  • An opportunity status is changed

We've also added these new actions:

  • Activate a product
  • Deactivate a product
  • Assign a salesperson
  • Send a campaign to a user
  • Pause a campaign for a user

Watch the video below to see how these new updates work.

We'd love to hear from you. How would you use automations in your workflows? What are your top use cases for automations?

Automations is currently only released to our trusted testers. If you'd like to try this out, please let us know and we'll set you up!

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Derek Fox
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Would it be possible to add automation to remove a tag?

In addition, it would be awesome if we could add/remove from a list as well.

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Hi Derek,

Thank you for your suggestion! I'll bring that up with the product team working on Automations.

Currently we have a trigger for when an account is added to a list and we also have an action for adding tags to the account. It's not possible to add/remove lists or remove tags as an action yet.

Could you give me examples of how you would use that? It's important for us to understand the situation and the problem you're trying to solve, so we can come up with the best solution to help you and other partners 🙂

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Hey Derek, check this out!

We now have an action to remove tags. Such a happy coincidence, right?! ?

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HI Thiago,

Is there anyone there that can jump on a call and help set some automations up with us?

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Hi Paul, great to see you here!

First things first... Wishing you a happy New Year as it's already Jan 1st for you as I write this message 😉

Yes, we can help you. Please send me a DM or an email to with what you need and we can book some time next week. I'll send you my Meeting Scheduler link and I'll try to find someone on the team to help.