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Your Invoicing Life Just Got So Much Easier!

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Creating Recurring Invoices is Now Available!

This feature release represents a giant leap forward towards improving your experience while invoicing.

We’ve made your invoicing life easier by an order of magnitude.

You can now spend more time growing your business and less time worrying about invoices! You can now automate the process of creating and sending invoices, and set invoices to be sent on a recurring basis.

There are a number of configurations available to you for setting up auto-generated invoices for an SMB. Read this short document on how it works and how to set it up:

Here are some FAQs to provide you with some more context:

Is there a way to make manual invoices that recur?

Yes, by using the recurring invoice option in an account's Billing Settings.

What if want a custom line item to show up on a recurring invoice?

You can add a custom product through Vendor center and activate that product for the SMB. On the renewal date of that product, the custom product will be included in any recurring invoice generated

You want to automatically invoice their SMB on a specific day, but all of their product renewals happen on different days. What should you do?

You can do that using monthly invoicing based on active subscriptions, or using recurring invoices. See the Resource article linked above.

If you have auto-generated invoices set up for an SMB but the products are deactivated, do the invoices keep generating?

If billing based on active products: No, the deactivated product will not show up in any SMB invoices. If the product was activated as part of a package - for example a package of 3 items - only the 2 that are still active will be added to an SMB invoice. That package will not be considered 'fulfilled' and any package pricing will not apply. The products will have the retail product price applied.

If billing based on a recurring invoice template, yes. The invoice generated will not change unless manually updated through Billing Settings.

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Got a suggestion for the invoicing system. 

We'd like to be able to add manual payment information for an invoice. Some clients pay via ACH or check and we's like to be able to record that payment information in their account in the Vendasta system for our records.

So,  the enhancement would allow for recording of payments outside or those payed thru Vendasta. A drop down of the type of payment (ACH,CHECK,BANK TRANSFER,CASH,PAYPAL,OTHER) I'm sure there more but we could start there to keep it simple.




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