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Markets and Sales Reps or Admins

Thomas Mueller
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I am not sure if we are using the platform in an unusual way.

We are a building branches and subsidiaries in Africa, Europe and other territories. Therefore we make use of MARKETS. We do have a market for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and a market for Arfika.

The main administrator is obviously tasked to manage all markets, with all respective accounts, settings, lists, users, orders etc. in the first place.

The issue we have just figured is that an admin and/or sales person can only be assigned to one single market. This leads to the difficult situation that this one person needs to have a login for each market and now constantly need to login and logout with different usernames and passwords in order to work on a respective market. At least this we have been told from support.

In my opinion this is a major design flaw or bug and need to be looked at. I can't, by all means, login and logout all day to different user accounts when swapping between the markets.

Is that an issue we have alone or are there others facing a similar issue?

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Hi Thomas, thank you for your question, my apologies for the delay in response.

For markets, currently, an individual sales agent can only operate in one market, partner center admins can access multiple markets.

We have had a few partners raise this before, I am keen to connect you with our product team so we can understand your specific use case in more detail. (I’ll send you an invite)

Congratulations on your growth in 2020, and I look forward to working with you as you expand in 2021.